Uniquely Beautiful, Beautifully Unique




Çurface is a unique material made from recycled coffee grounds collected in London. To make Çurface, coffee is mixed with oils before undergoing a specialised production process using heat and pressure. Çurface has a beautiful surface quality and texture and has surprising strength and durability, with similar properties to a hardwood.



Rosalie uses recycled sterling silver where possible in her jewellery.

As a Fairtrade registered goldsmith, Rosalie is able to make most of her collection in 18 carat Fairtrade gold.



Rosalie has started to use recycled and broken gems in her work.



Rosalie uses sustainable, non-toxic or recycled materials and practices where possible in her jewellery, packaging and stationery.

The electricity for her business is derived from renewable sources.

Luxury Jewellery, Handmade in London